Showin’ ol’ Roddy some love

26 Oct

I’m a radio listener. I’m not particularly proud of it; I’m not particularly ashamed of it. It’s just a fact. I can usually sing along with whatever is playing from the top 40, and often, I like the songs I’m singing along with.

But sometimes, man, the shit on the radio is just shit.

Yesterday evening, I got into the car. My radio immediately flicked on when I started the ignition, and the first thing I heard was a DJ saying something about “Rock-tober.” No, it’s “October,” moving on.

The next station played a song I used to like because it made me dance in my seat, but it tries entirely too hard to be better than it is. “Party Rock Anthem,” good bye.

Then, Katy Perry. I like most Perry songs the first three times I hear them. But then, we’re on to day two of Perry Overload, and I’m done. “Hot or Cold,” nada.

And then: Bliss.

Our parents’ music tastes so influences our own — whether we hate what they listed to or love what they listened to — and I’m a major lover of ol’ Roddy. I don’t think it’s possible for anyone to legitimately name their top five favorite songs ever, but maybe the top 50 is possible, and “Maggie May” is certainly in my Top 50. (Not to mention it’s one of my favorite songs I’ve ever sung on karaoke.)

It was just the final bars, and the station immediately transitioned into:

One of my Top 50? No. But it is tied to such a happy memory that I sport a Cheshire grin every time I hear it: It was one of the songs to be played regularly at that Saturday night college party a friend of mine had just about monthly. At “Tiny Dancer’s” first bars, party-goers would gather in the living room, drape arms around one another, and belt at the top of their lungs:


What songs can transport you to a different time?

(Also, WordPress just informed me that this is my 700th post. Yikes, how did that happen??)


One Response to “Showin’ ol’ Roddy some love”

  1. Ally October 26, 2011 at 7:20 pm #

    Oh so true. My mom used to always have music on, and sometimes something will come on that used to be on back when I was a kid and it often makes me smile. I love James Taylor to this day because of stuff my mom used to listen to. (Okay, sometimes what comes on makes me turn the station or run from the room, but still, there are some good ones.)

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