Suburban Sweetheart talks Halloween & costumes

17 Oct

Suburban Sweetheart is one of my absolute favorite blogs out there. If you like a healthy dose of fantastic writing seeped in sass and topped with some snarky sprinkled and a dollop of serious, you should be reading Kate. Kate is an October sponsor, and I’m so honored she’s agreed to guest post.

Happy reading!

Jaclyn and I went to college together … kind of. She once asked me whether we ever actually met at Kent State University, where we both attended journalism school, and though we’re the same age, the answer is no. As a transfer student, I began attending Kent State the year after she graduated, which means we’ve met in person only once, when a mutual friend invited us both to Kent’s best bar, The Zephyr.

Blogging has a funny way of bringing people together, though, and sometimes the lines between the Internet and the real world blur. In that way, I often forget that Jaclyn and I aren’t technically “IRL” friends, especially because we regularly e-mail one another about our blogs and our lives. One thing (among many) that she and I have in common is our love of Halloween. She recently blogged about her past costumes and asked you for input on what she ought to be this year. Though I’ve yet to write my annual “I FREAKING LOVE HALLOWEEN” post, the gist is this: I, too, freaking love Halloween.

I like to think that Jaclyn’s and my mutual love of this most haunted of holidays is due, in part, to the influence of our dear alma mater. Kent State is known far and wide for its massive Halloween celebration, during which time the streets of downtown Kent are flooded with costumed collegians and seasoned locals alike. The roads are closed to vehicles, and the streets overflow with drunken revelers outfitted in every costume imaginable — silly, scary, slutty, you name it. When I was a kid, my parents (also Kent State alumnae) always took me downtown to watch the festivities. We’d park ourselves on a street corner and watch in awe as the swarms passed by. (Snap, Crackle, Pop says: I concur. Though crowds are the bane of my existance, little beats people-watching on Main Street in Kent.)

Perhaps as a direct result, I grew up to be the biggest lover of Halloween you’ve (n)ever met. I favor punny costumes that you aren’t likely to see on others, and I’ll always choose humor over sex appeal. For example, as a college junior, my sorority sisters dressed as Moulin Rouge dancers (read: classy whores) while my friend Annie and I dressed as giant pink and purple crayons. Surprisingly, we found ourselves getting more attention from amused, hunky college guys than any of our scantily clad comrades did!

Since then, my costumes have been fun and creative. The next year I was the Keebler Elf, clad in a white wig and an apple green blazer, passing out cookies from a cauldron. Another year, I sewed colored sponges to jeans and a white tee and told people I was “self-absorbed.” In 2008, I debuted my favorite costume yet: galoshes, a small net and a bright blue dress adorned with laminated goldfish with speech bubbles attached to them. Written on the speech bubbles were kind phrases, including, “Your hair looks great!” and “I love those shoes!” I was Fishing for Compliments, of course! (As the night wore on, the speech bubbles fell off, and I became a bit intoxicated, so I just told people I was an aquarium.)

Now, I’m living in small-town New Hampshire, where I know no one, even after seven months, and my boyfriend, a sailor, will be deployed during the haunted holiday. Together, these circumstances mean one very sad thing: No Halloween celebration for me — again. On a recent trip to Orlando, we visited three haunted houses Universal Studios’ Horror Nights, which will have to tide me over until next October, when I hope to return to my regular old, Halloween-loving self. Until then, I’d love to hear how you’ll be celebrating my favorite holiday! Will you let me live vicariously through you?


One Response to “Suburban Sweetheart talks Halloween & costumes”

  1. PhaseThreeOfLife October 19, 2011 at 2:46 pm #

    Oh, how I miss Halloween at Kent… there’s nothing quite like it.

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