Meet Chelsea, of Rewritten

16 Oct

I’m so happy to introduce you to Chelsea, she of the fantastic blog love, chelsea lauren (seriously, have you seen such an adorable blog design?) and the new Etsy shop, Rewritten.

She’s agreed to let Snap, Crackle, Pop pick her brain. Say hello, all!

I absolutely adore the name of your Etsy shop. How did you come up with it? Thanks! One of the points of my Etsy shop is to find new purposes for old things — new “stories,” if you will. Every single thing you find in my shop will have some aspect about it that is repurposed and made new.

When did you get so interested in vintage? I’ve loved vintage for years and years. It started out with my grandma, who would always show me old photos and who still had a great collection of the clothing she wore when she was my age. Ever since I was little, I have always been on the lookout for unique pieces.

Tell me about your current fav vintage piece you own. I don’t know if this counts as an item, but I have a collection of vintage cameras that I LOVE. I have about 15, and that collection just keeps growing!

Fast forward one year: If you get your way, what will Rewritten look like? It’s definitely still in its beginning stages, so in a year, I hope that it is stocked with even more amazing vintage and jewelry and has lots of cute customers! I want my shop to be accessible to girls like me — there are so many pretty vintage stores out there, but not many that are really affordable and carefully curated.

What do you consider must-watch TV? Ahhh! Embarrassing things! I LOVE Gossip Girl. (Snap, Crackle, Pop says: Amen, sister. I want to be Blaire’s bestie.) I also really love Modern Family and Up All Night.

Any books or mags on your night stand? Books: textbooks only, for the moment. I’m a graduate student studying to be a counselor so I don’t get a lot of time for reading! Magazines: I love Foam, Lula and BUST.

What do your fingernails look like right now? They’re painted with Essie’s ‘Case Study’!

Where else can we find you? 
blog     twitter     tumblr     pinterest


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