Meet September sponsor: iamthemandy

12 Oct

I believe I met iamthemandy on Twitter — her site name cracked me up, and it still does. She’s let me get a little nosy because anyone who refers to herself as themandy needs to be known!

She runs, the hub for her upcycled goodies (she sells on Etsy, too), blog and more.

What got you so interested in reusing materials? I love buying gifts for my friends’ and family members’ birthdays; however, in college I didn’t have a lot of spare change lying around. So I began making handmade gifts for them based on their favorite colors and styles. This is where my upcycled material cuff came to life. I used items from my wardrobe that were either too small or that I had worn out to save money. I received such great feedback and a demand of people I didn’t even know asking if I sold them or if I could make them one.

Tell me about your favorite item you have up for sale. Oh, this is tough. I’d have to say my upcycled coffee bean bag totes. I love totes. I don’t carry what most call a purse. I call mine a tote. I am always storing books, pens, shirts, wallets and snacks in mine. No way I could live without it. I scored a huge stack of coffee bean bags from a friend and thought, “One day I’ll figure out what to make with these,” and I did. I love all the different markings and typography on the bags. I think that is what makes the design, a design. I line them with recycled bed sheets, pillowcases and blankets. I love this bag because it holds my life and it reflects my personal design style.

What’s one childhood memory that indicated, “Yeah, she’s a creative one”? As a child I cut, glued and drew on almost everything in the house. I won’t go into details, but I did some rather large floor drawings in my parents’ basement, which are still there today, hidden under the couches.

What’s your favorite …

Movie: “Christmas Vacation” (I can watch it 365 days a year!)

Place to eat: Hibachi and sushi bar

Book: Does “ReadyMade Magazine” count?

Song at the moment: “Buttons,” by The Weeks

Animal to check out at the zoo: Ligers, rah!

What’s your least favorite …

Food: Green olives, only thing I can’t do

Beatle: Beatle?

Thing about society: I can’t stand taking Mister Hyde to a dog park where people don’t pick up their dog poop. I don’t know how they think it’s OK to have someone else pick it up. Ugh, it’s not, NOT, a glamorous thing to be caught doing, but someone has to.

You just got back from a major vaycay. Where’d you go? What’d you do? I took a mini vaca (five days) to West Palm Beach. I’ve been to Florida once before but wanted to kick back my feet a bit and check out the local market in the area. I always try to find local craft shows or handmade markets to check out and see what type of items are hot in that area. I found a few good things that I just fell in love with and couldn’t walk away without.


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