Read it: Pretty decor!

7 Oct

This batch of must-read blog posts almost sticks with a decoration/organization theme!

In order of when I noted them:

I should be so organized — I’ve linked up with What I Wore before, but this post on how blogger Jessica organizes her closet fills me with joy and envy and sadness that I could never ever ever hope to achieve such closet’al beauty.

Yay DIY wreath — Tutorials abound for DIY wreaths and frankly … I think a lot of them are uggo. This beaut at Burlap and Blue? Holy gorgeousness. Is it the color? The lace hanger? The texture and design? I don’t know, but this is a wreath done right.

The right way to register for wedding gifts — I think I’ve linked up with !!!GEBHART!!! before too, but this post … holy god, this post. I saw Lindsay registering for her gifts while drinking wine first hand when I visited her in NY last. But the idea that that is the only way she registers? Priceless. (Also, I totes want a globey decanter thing.)

Green chairs — They’re what I never knew I always wanted. And Young House Love makes it look so gosh darn easy.

Any of these ideas spark inspiration for you?


2 Responses to “Read it: Pretty decor!”

  1. Charlotte October 7, 2011 at 9:59 am #

    The registry gifts post nearly had me cackle. And it takes a lot. Because I work in a cube in a quiet office and my coworkers already think I’m mad. But whatevs. And I just fell in love with a green chair. So cute!

  2. Ally October 7, 2011 at 10:08 am #

    I just spent more time reading all these than I should have (and loving every second). I am still dying over the lefse grill on the bridal registry! Too funny. I am, however, a little disturbed by the Kiss action figure! LOL

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