My 2011 soundtrack

5 Oct

Every time I post a new blog, WordPress suggests some prompts to spark new topics. Sometimes, they’re meh. Sometimes, they’re cool.

And sometimes, they rock my world so much that I listen to good ol’ WordPress. The prompt in question? “Create a soundtrack that captures the essence of your 2011 so far.”

I’m going to go against all Rules of Making a Mixed Tape and doing this chronologically, not what sounds good where, so obviously, we have to start with near year’s. I attended the same party to usher in 2011 as I did to usher in 2010, but it was very different. Last year, I had a new boyfriend, and he invited me to the party at his brother’s friend’s house. I met his two brothers and his sister-in-law for the very first time. Heck, I met everyone except the guy I was on a date with for the first time that night. Fast forward a year, and I’ve been dating that guy for a  year. I know his brothers and sister-in-law pretty well. His brother’s friend who had the party? Heck, I consider him a friend now, too. And at this party, I recall looking over at the TV during the New Year’s Rockin’ Eve and going ” … Holy shit, Mike Posner is white?” Probably not the most PC thing I’ve ever uttered on here, but it’s true. So clearly, I have to kick this mix off with:

1. Cooler Than Me — Because not only does it remind me of ushering in the new year, but I was sooooo shy at that party the previous year that yes, I definitely felt that I was the big fat new dork there.

For our first year anniversary, I got the beau Pacer’s tickets, and the game was in January. I also organized it so a bunch of his friends could go, too. It was waaaaay cool to hand him nine tickets that day and say, “Oh yeah, everyone’s coming. Oh, yeah, they’ll be able to make it, it’s already organized.” Now don’t judge, but when I think “basketball song,” I think of “Space Jam.” Remember that movie with MJ and Bugs? Yeah, that one.

2. Space Jam — Dorky? Yes. But awesome. Ahem, “Just work that body, work that body, make sure you don’t hurt nobody.”

In February (or was it March?) my bestie’s son was baptized. Cue Time To Feel Old. She’s been the bestie since we were like 12, and now she’s a flippin’ mother. Insanity. Much of the early years of our friendship was spent trying to strategically pause “Now and Then” to see if we could catch a glimpse of Devon Sawa’s thang, so one of my fav songs in the flick:

3. Sugar, Sugar — You must watch this video. That frog! (Note: Knock Three Times was a close second. I can still see Teeny shaking her little shoulders to this tune.)

My birthday is my favoritest holiday, so obviously, we need a little birthday tune to celebrate the fourth month. I had a mustache party, so the obvious song choice here is …

4. I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do) — One of the best songs in ever, AND he could have come to the party as-is. Double win.

In May, I went to Cincinnati for a high school graduation party. I believe I’ve mentioned on here before that one of my closest friends is 18. She’s a gal I used to babysit. To celebrate her, I have to go with a song that reminds me of her every time I hear it.

5. My Life Would Suck Without You — We were in the car once and this song came on. We blared the music and sang to each other. It’s one of my favorite Steph and Jac memories.

In June, I played bridesmaid to one of my favorite people to roam the world. In January 2010, she and I took a vaycay to San Diego. One day, we rented a car and drove to L.A. This song was incredibly popular, and we heard it like four times on the trip. We were absolutely OK with that. At her wedding, she had the DJ play it for a special Jac & Erin dance.

6. Carry Out — This song will never get old. (I might be sitting at my puter dancing right now … Also, I think I need to wear garters more, because seriously, is there anything hotter?)

For the fourth of July, my parents visited me. That’s huge. My brother doesn’t travel often because we never know what his mood will be like. Luckily, he was Angel Boy. I had a fantastic summer, but this is probably my favorite memory, having my parents here. They met the beau’s fam, too. Everyone got along shockingly well. Not that either of us have hard-to-get-along-with parents, but … I mean … isn’t Meet The Parents supposed to be awkward for all involved?

7. It Had to Be You — A song that will always remind me of family. When Joey was little, this was “his song.”

Over Labor Day, I took a spontaneous trek to New York to see my friend Lindsay. It’d been something like two years, and the visit was long overdue.

8. City Love — Clearly, I had to pick a New York song by one of my fav artists ever. The irony is that John Mayer makes Lindsay want to slit her wrists. Sorry, girl.

Two weeks ago, I finally saw my friend’s band. He’s been doing the music thing for years, and I’ve heard him plenty of times. But never with the new gig, and never on stage. Seeing him be all Rock Star Brett was crazy, in the best way possible. Though he didn’t like it very much when I said, “Oh, Jason Mraz plays barefoot too!”

9. New Garden — It’s my favorite song off the Oui, Si, Yes (his band) EP. The band’s use of trumpet is kind of epic. Also worth noting: The trumpet player? Yeah, he played the accordion sometimes, too. (Listen to “Danny Gavin” while you’re at it. It’s my fav of their upbeat tunes.)

Despite the amazing year I’ve had, I’ve been kind of down about things on and off throughout the year. I’m very aware that I have the most incredible friends on the planet, and I’m also very aware that none of them live in Indiana. Sure, I have friends here, but none who I know without a doubt would be there if I called and said “I need you.” It kind of puts a damper on things.

10. Come Away With Me — Really, anything off Norah Jones’ first album will suffice here. It’s perfect music for when you’re feeling blue or mellow.

It’s only early October. I wonder how the rest of my year will play out musically? I’m often told I have terrible taste in music, so I hope this doesn’t offend you too badly! What songs best describe your 2011?


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