Meet October sponsors!

1 Oct

I had such a good time introducing you guys to September’s sponsors last month that I decided I should keep it up!

This month’s sponsors range from Etsy shop owners to bloggers and have all kinds of goodies to share with you. Keep your eye out throughout the month for their Q&A or guest posts … and maybe even a giveaway or two.

Meet: iamTheMandy is an online store, blog and DIY crafts all in one, run by Mandy Renee Stos, of Overland Park, Kan. Her brand combines craft with recycling, producing items that are unique, functional and the ultimate in eco-chic. If you go to find her, you will see she is an avid social media junkie and loves shooting photos of awesome things she runs across. When you visit her blog, you can find coupon codes, sweet DIY tutorials as well as information on people who inspire her.

Meet: A Cajun Down Under

My name is Christy, and my blog is A Cajun Down Under. I was born and raised in Baton Rouge, La., and after graduating from Louisiana State University, I decided to explore life beyond the Texas border. I landed a great job travelling the world, and on one such trip to Sydney, Australia, I met my husband, The Aussie. Ten years later, I’m a stay at home mom in the Sydney suburbs. My blog details bizarre and often hilarious anecdotes about Australian life, our life in Sydneyand some of my favourite Cajun recipes.

Meet: Love, Chelsea Lauren

Hi, I’m Chelsea and I blog over at Love, Chelsea Lauren. My blog is full of fashion, photography, adventures and crafty things. I just recently re-branded and opened a new Etsy shop selling vintage clothing and handmade jewelry and accessories, called Rewritten. I started my shop because 1) I needed to clean out an overflowing closet full of vintage and 2) I noticed that although there are tons of vintage shops out there, very few were affordable to my grad-student budget. So, I created my own! If you love dresses and pretty jewelry, I think you’ll love it! You can check out my shop here, or go say hello on my blog here.

Meet: Mexyista

Hola a todos! Missa Lee here from, AKA your sexy, Mexican, fashionista!  At least I want to be … my blog is all about the new life I am creating for myself and all the “mexy” things about it. I am engaged and planning a DIY unique wedding, so that is pretty much my life right now, and I have recently lost almost 50 pounds, so I try to include you all on my journey with weight loss, along with finding the new sexy Mexican fashionista within! Stop on by to see my life, love, animal obsessiveness, wedding craziness and fashion adoration!

Meet: Stasha B Photography

Stasha B Photography was born recently to celebrate my love of capturing the good life with my camera. It is a place where I post my photos and sell my prints. It is a meeting point of The Good Life (also the name of my blog) I share with my family and my future career as a photographer. It is my creative outlet. But it also serves as a meeting point for me to be introduced to other blogs and artists.

Meet: Suburban Sweetheart

Capitol smarts, Midwestern heart, New England start: Suburban Sweetheart is the story of a Buckeye State blogger acclimating to life on the seacoast, written with an extra dose (I mean it) of sass. I’m Kate, a 27-year-old Ohioan living in a small town on the New Hampshire seacoast with my boyfriend, a sailor with the U.S. Coast Guard. Before moving here, I spent three years living and loving in our nation’s capital, reporting on this little blog about the intersection of city living and Midwestern mentality — and now I’m doing my best to keep up the momentum by covering New England’s unique brand of crazy!


3 Responses to “Meet October sponsors!”

  1. Suburban Sweetheart October 1, 2011 at 1:02 pm #

    Thanks so much for including me! I’m also do glad you connected with Chelsea. 🙂

  2. A Cajun Down Under October 3, 2011 at 7:29 am #

    Thanks, Jaclyn. So pleased to be included this month!

  3. northwestmommy October 5, 2011 at 4:17 am #

    Thank you so much Jaclyn for having me xo Excited to go and “meet” the other sponsors!

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