‘Faster’ … and ‘Faith’?

9 Sep

My current favo song on the radio is Matt Nathanson’s “Faster.” It’s so upbeat and cheery, and it simply makes me smile.

Plus, I love that the opening notes remind me hugely of one of my favorite songs of ever, by one of my favorite artists of ever, George Michael’s “Faith.”

So I’m checking out the “Faster” video, and I notice that Nathanson has a fashion aesthetic that is shockingly similar. I think Mr. Matt is giving something of a nod to Mr. Michael, which makes “Faster” even better.

See it?

(Oooohhhh, that tushie. God that man is hot.)

(I have to share this: When I was little — I was 4 when “Faith” came out — my epitome of sexy and beautiful was pulled from this video. I always imagined myself in awesome heels, leaning on a wall, tapping my foot on it. When I wear heels in this style now, I usually try this move out once or twice. Don’t hate.)

(The other half of my epitome of sexy and beautiful was from this. When I’d get out of the shower, I’d slick my hair straight back, stand in front of the mirror, and dance like these gals with that “I don’t give a shit” expression on my face. Since I was 6, it prolly looked more like I was constipated, but you get the idea.)


One Response to “‘Faster’ … and ‘Faith’?”

  1. Ally September 9, 2011 at 12:57 pm #

    Ooooh Jaclyn, I love you! Okay, I was a little older than six, but STILL. Big time awesome songs. I LOVED George Michael. (I knew that last one was Robert Palmer without even clicking the link.) I agree, he’s definitely getting a nod from Matt Nathanson – great video, I hadn’t seen it yet.

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