Awesome buyer love and some new goodies

7 Sep

I have recently received some super cool responses from buyers. The biggest on my radar is this amazing photo spread at The Daily Fashionista featuring a Jaclyn1423 necklace. The dollhouse cuckoo clock looks amazing, n’est pas??

Also, occasionally in my Etsy feedback, a buyer will make special mention of the handwritten thank you I include with purchases. I adore that people like the special touch so much, but I have to be honest: I figured most sellers did this. Hey Etsy buyers: What kind of personal touches do you love most about buying on Etsy?

I just got back from a pretty fantastic long weekend with one of my closest friends from college. She lives in Brooklyn and showed me some amaaaaazing bead and supply stores on Monday. I might have gotten a few things. I’ll be showing you all the goodies soon.

Until then, here are the two items from my NY goodies I currently have listed:

I realized after I took this that the fold in my tank looks like a lovely little roll ... but I love how the necklace looks in the pic, so I ignored the faux fat.

One of the things I like best about these earrings is that the feather-looking sequins? I totally found them on sale. Yet in the right way, they look sooooo lovely. It's amazing what a little design can do for a piece that, on its own, isn't terribly impressive.

One Response to “Awesome buyer love and some new goodies”

  1. Suburban Sweetheart September 7, 2011 at 11:13 am #

    Oh my God. Those earrings. Incredible.

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