Updated clearance section at Jaclyn1423

17 Aug

With Joey’s Auction 2011 taking up, oh, every single post for the first half of this month, there’ve been some really fun things happening over at Jaclyn1423 that I wasn’t able to share.

For the first, I majorly beefed up the 1/2 off clearance section (33 pieces total!). Despite my belief that my Etsy shop should have nowhere near 200 items, I can’t seem to get away from that number. Plus, there are a number of items I’d like to move so I can continue to add even more new pieces.

Including in the 1/2-off section:

This lovely turquoise-dyed hematite beaded necklace (now $11.50):

This pretty upcycled vintage bouquet necklace (always one of my favorites in the shop, and now only $11):

These ivory rose and Swarovski dangle earrings (now $9):

And this little sweet as sugar necklace ($7.50, and the matching earrings are only $6.50):

Details about the next bit of news will come tomorrow. Here’s a hint: They’re about some new pieces in this section of the shop.


3 Responses to “Updated clearance section at Jaclyn1423”

  1. PhaseThreeOfLife August 17, 2011 at 6:13 pm #

    I have the same reaction whenever a friend or blogger I read buys a house. Cuz I’m stuck in a dumb condo that I bought during the dumb housing boom. In reality, I love my condo, it’s big enough for us for now, it’s in a great location. But I’d also love a backyard to host my kid’s birthday parties. And whenever I see posts with awesome parties in beautiful homes with beautiful decks and backyards, I get very jealous and all “gooooooood for youuuuuu.” I’m not proud of it. And clearly, my irritation is really with myself for buying the dumb condo during the dumb housing boom.

    All this to say: You’re normal. (Or maybe we’re both not?) 🙂

  2. PhaseThreeOfLife August 17, 2011 at 6:14 pm #

    Yeah. Totally meant to post that on the entry before this one.

    I do also love that vintage bouquet necklace, as long as I’m here.

  3. Cornelia August 22, 2011 at 11:26 am #

    cute necklaces

    i came from leigh anns blog


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