Auction No. 11: Photograph art print(s)

8 Aug

Meet Steve! I met him and his fabulous wife Sara through my beau. He and Steve are besties, and I’m happy they are — Steve and Sara are good people to know.

Steve and Sara are the brains behind Bentz Photography, a full service photography studio that is located just north of Fort Wayne in the small town of Leo, Ind.

They’re donating one 11×14-inch or two 8×10-inch photos:

These images were taken in the Leo area during various times of year. The ice pictures were particularly memorable seeing as we lost power for three and a half days as a result.

The high resolution images will enlarge beautifully and can accent or centerpiece any part of the home or office. Images can be turned black-and-white or sepia-toned if the winner chooses.

Here are the pics you can choose from:








All images are copyright Bentz Photography Inc.

Find Bentz Photography here or on Facebook.

Want more details about Joey’s Auction? Click here. This auction will be open through the morning of Aug. 10.


6 Responses to “Auction No. 11: Photograph art print(s)”

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  6. Jaclyn August 10, 2011 at 8:44 am #

    Auction closed.

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