The Year of Giveaways continues with …

30 Jul

This month, the Jaclyn1423 Year of Giveaways continues over at Taming Insanity with this  upcycled angel wings necklace (don’t those leaves look like wings? I always thought so).

I have to say: Kristin has one of the most creative ways to enter a giveaway.

First, you go to my shop and leave a comment on her blog saying which item there you like the best. And then, for extra entries, you just … comment.

As such, entries so far include:

  • “I just realized that my husband was drinking this bottled green tea, and Katarina was sharing it with him….and right there, printed on the bottle it says “gives energy”.

    This is going to be a LOOOOONNNNGGGG night!”

  • “I should be doing laundry, but my husband is at the baseball game and I am catching up on reading.”
  • “I listened to “Rolling in the Deep” seventeen times on repeat this morning and made up my own dance routine to it in the car.”
  • “Hmm..

    Comment it up? I could sit here all day and just leave little tid bits of knowledge or random crap. But I won’t.

    So, how about this….

    Would you want to guest post over at my corner of the blogosphere?”

  • “It is 11:30pm…and at my house, my husband and daughter (yes she is seven) are watching a dvd of an Elton John concert.”

So hop on over to Taming Insanity and join the, well, insanity. The giveaway is open through Aug. 1, and as I type this, there are 133 entries. Go add one, or 16, of your own!

While I’m at it, there’s also a Jaclyn1423 giveaway going on at Yellow Songbird. Kim is giving away a Jaclyn1423 vintage geometric pendant necklace. There’s no end date over there — she’ll pick a winner when the entries stop coming in, so be sure to stop there, too!

Also, as a heads-up to all Snap, Crackle, Pop readers: This is likely my last post before Joey’s Auction 2011 starts. If you’ve been a reader for at least a year, you probably remember this from last year’s auction. If not … you are in for a treat, my friend.

Think all hand-made. Think raising money for autism. Think at least 17 items and two weeks of all things beautiful and creative. Tune in Monday morning for the full deets and for the kick-off auction. Hint: It’s easily the most classic, elegant goodie found in Jaclyn1423.





One Response to “The Year of Giveaways continues with …”

  1. Klz July 30, 2011 at 6:17 pm #

    Thanks – this one has been fun.

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