Read It: The messy bun to the bun who was in the oven

12 Jul

These posts just keep getting longer. That means I either read too many blogs or that bloggy quality rocks. Maybe a little bit of column A, little bit of column B. (Also, not all of these are blogs. Do we care? No? Cool.)

  • The ever-elusive messy bun — Why the hell are these things so dang hard to achieve? What makes Keiko Lynn‘s tutorial so fab is that … wait for it … she provides video. Even with the video, I’ve only managed to achieve this once. And she’s right — gross hair is best. My hair was day-old, sweat-ridden and lake-dipped. And my bun rocked.
  • Awesome photo zoom-out — So many Etsy sellers have truly amazing photos. Ponder and Stitch is one of them. Here, Amy steps back with her camera and shows you just what her set up looks like from the wide view.

    Ponder and Stitch shows how she takes pics of these necklaces. This pattern is one of my favs. Click on the pic to visit this piece on Etsy.

  • I’ve said this for years — You need a dirty mind to be a copy-editor. No kidding, American Copy Editors Society. Last time it came up: One copy editor friend had to deal with the repeated use of the word “tranny” in reference to “transmissions.” Lines included: “Proper tranny maintenance means replacing fluid and flushing the transmission oil cooler” and “These tranny specialists habitually top off the fluid level and see if this step cures the transmission’s performance problems. “
  • I love good writing — And Meghan over at Phase Three of Life provides some of the best. (Meghan actually used to be my editor back in college. Remember how much I pissed you off because I refused to get a cell phone? It was really no wonder I would eventually get a cell … and refuse to text, even in 2011.) Here, she shares a simple story about a walk, guest posting it up at in these small moments.
  • Stop being hot. Now. — I love Neville Longbottom. He rocks the most of the Harry Potter cast. And now my life is shattered. Because Neville grew up. And he’s … hot? Living. Loving. Laughing. Blogging. has blown my mind.

One Response to “Read It: The messy bun to the bun who was in the oven”

  1. PhaseThreeOfLife July 12, 2011 at 3:59 pm #

    Aw, thanks hunny!

    It does not surprise me that you refuse to text. You’ll probably give in to that in 2016, at which point everyone else will be communicating via telepathy.

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