Flea market finds!

9 Jul

I spent the day at one of the greatest flea markets on the planet. My city’s signature festival kicked off today, and this weekend is the week-long fest’s best event: the flea market. Maybe 100 tents set up in a park just north of downtown with awesome shit they’re just dying to sell me.

This particular trip was especially good for the Donald collection. It started at a booth that sold pages from old magazines. I usually migrate right to the “Disney” divider to see if there’s any good Donalds to be had. I have no interest in having the collection get out of hand, so I’m pretty picky with what I choose; I want Donald alone. If he’s part of a Mickey/Goofy/Pluto/Daisy group, I’m probably not interested.

As I put all the pages away, the man running the booth asked, “No luck, huh?” and I explained to him my weird collection.

Steve had me beat. He not only collected Donald, but all Disney. He was an especial collector of Ludwig von Drake, who I only had a vague knowledge of, and another character I’ve absolutely never heard of. Google didn’t disappoint; the little-known character is Gyro Gearloose. And I just went “Ohhhhh” as soon as I saw his picture. I had no idea that guy had a name.

Anyway, Steve asked if I’d seen the booth with the small Donald figurine playing hockey. I had not. So he took me over there. He wanted to buy it, but he wanted me to see it first.

The figurine showed Donald playing hockey. The man selling it said it was released about the time of the Mighty Ducks movies, in correlation with the Anaheim Ducks. Steve lowered his voice and said the piece was worth about $25 or $30. I found him online for $15 and $5. This guy wanted $2.

“If I don’t get him, you’re going to, aren’t you?” he asked me.


“Take it,” he told me. “I have a ton.”

I asked if he was sure, and said absolutely, that he was focusing more on the Ludwig and Gyro collections. So Donald became mine.

About five minutes after we shook hands and parted ways, I heard, “Jackie!” (Only people who don’t know me call me “Jackie.” I don’t correct them, unless they ask. I am not a “Jackie.”) I looked up, and Steve pointed to the ground behind a shelf in a booth.

I walked around and saw this:

Also $2. Also totally mine. (Does anyone else think the “today” Donald in the center looks like he’s ready to hit up a gay disco?) Later, I found a Ludwig von Drake tin lunch box still with the thermos inside. When I ran into Steve later, I made sure he saw it. And I made sure he knew, though the price tag said $100 (WTF), the lady there told me it was $25. I hope he bought it.

Other fabulous finds include an old bowl and a tea cup. The tea cup had no markings on the bottom, so I have no idea what to make of it, other than “It’s pretty”:

The bowl, however, tells me it was made in Japan and decorated in Hong Kong. In the center of the marking, it says “ACF”:


A little searching tells me this pattern is called “Famille Rose Medallion” and is from the 1950s. I found a matching plate for $64. The matching teapots are $275 and $525. Some of the larger platters are more than $1,000. I got that little bowl up there for $3. Boom.

The last finds were a couple old issues of LIFE magazine. The cover stories spoke to me. They’re topics that are in the news even now, and I was interested to see what people said about the issues then.

The teasers on the front say: “When new methods of human reproduction become available — Can traditional family life survive? Will marital infidelity increase? Will children and parents still love each other? Would you be willing to have a ‘test-tube’ baby?” It’s dated June 13, 1969.

That one’s dated Aug. 13, 1971. There’s a story inside that has me pretty certain I’ll send it to a friend of mine after I learn about The Woman Problem.

Lastly, I found an adorable little ring that really needed to find a home at Jaclyn1423. It’s a size 7 1/2 and totally rocks.

After that research, I don’t think I can say anything other than that bowl was the coolest find of the day. What about you? What’s one of the coolest thrifting finds you’ve made?


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