Supporting a handmade shop

8 Jul

Today, my Jaclyn1423 fan page on Facebook was tagged in the following post:

Today is Support a Handmade Shop day. The shop I’m supporting is Jaclyn1423’s Etsy site. To support a shop, you have to tag its  fan page and post a item from their shop via link. If you are supported, you must return the support and support another handmade shop.

(Thanks, The Beaded Ladybug!)

I like the sentiment, so I figured I’d share the love here instead.

I’m supporting The Joy of Color. The shop was featured in a treasury with me yesterday, and the painting featured screamed to me. See?

The Joy of Color’s description is just adorable:

Its funny how our imagination works when we hear songs. Raining men , my original watercolor painting is an example how mines work. I hope you will enjoy it and smile

The shop overall is gorgeous: bright, well-done, creative and so, so affordable. I’ll keep my eye on Raining Men — I don’t buy art until I like it for a month or so straight. It’s just how I do.

Leave a comment with a shout-out to one of your favorite shops; I’d love to check them out!


One Response to “Supporting a handmade shop”

  1. thejoyofcolor July 8, 2011 at 5:15 pm #

    Thank you so much Jaclyn. Its so nice of you to feature my fun painting .
    I’m glad to discover your shop . Have a wonderful weekend Yael

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