It’s for love and money

28 Jun

This is the third post is a series, Project: 50 Questions, designed to take Snap, Crackle, Pop into a slightly more thoughtful (and probably long-winded, you have my apologies in advance) direction. Enjoy!

3. If life is so short, why do we do so many things we don’t like and like so many things we don’t do?

I ask myself this all the time! I think it’s because of love and money.

Friday night, the beau and I saw “Bridesmaids.” I’ve been wanting to see the movie for months. I even had plans to go with a girlfriend a few weeks ago, but she had to cancel. The beau knew all of this.

The first time the beau saw a preview for the movie, he thought it looked hilarious. But the more “Bridesmaids” was advertised, the less he wanted to see it. I think he deemed it to chick’y.

Friday after work, I called him and “pretty pleased??” that we go see it. He thought about it for two seconds and said, “Yeah, let’s go see ‘Bridesmaids.'”

I immediately tried to get out of it.

I knew he didn’t really want to see it, and I felt like I was dragging him. Of course, he laughed his butt off, but it was not lost on me that the beau went to see a movie he didn’t much care to see because he loves me.

What a great reason to do something we don’t want to do.

Now, the money reason? The reason why we don’t do the things we love? Not so fabulous. Logical, of course. Romantic? Nah.

If I had a bank at my disposal, I’d not be working a 9-to-5. I find alarm clocks evil. I like to wake up based on my own internal clock, even though that will naturally wake me up not 30 minutes after my cell phone’s beeping.

On my ideal day, after I woke up on my own time, I’d open my hotel window and take in Philadelphia/Italy/Maine/Ireland/Egypt/anyplace but home. Because as far as I’m concerned, my disposable income is for travel. I want to visit every continent, every state. I want to taste different cuisines and experience the moon over different grasses and cobblestone walkways. I want an impossibly adorable Italian man with curly hair and dimples to sing to me on a boat in a smelly Venetian canal, and I want an ancient Irish lady to cook me breakfast in her home, which happens to be adorned with no less than 91 framed photos of Virgin Mary and the pope.

But dammit, I don’t have the money to do that. So we save up and we wait and we do things we don’t really want to do — like get up when the alarm tells us — so that we can do the things we love.

Even if it’s not as often as we like.

Why do you think we do things we don’t like and like so many things we don’t do?

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2 Responses to “It’s for love and money”

  1. Ally June 28, 2011 at 6:09 pm #

    I loved this post! You are such a romantic – and it’s great. I have those same dreams – no alarms and doing things I love and seeing things I want to see with disposable income. But the details you paint are priceless!

    (And for the record, I’d wake up not 30 minutes after my alarm, too – I just like to wake up naturally!)

  2. Claire June 28, 2011 at 10:26 pm #

    great answers! i totally agree with you on both fronts. we totally do things because of love and money. i realize how much i do for love when it comes to my two girls. man, i would not be cleaning poop or constantly picking up after them if i didn’t love them tremendously. love makes me do terribly humbling things!

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