Lots of new earrings at Jaclyn1423

26 Jun

Last night, I went to dinner with girlfriends. In the city where I live.

I haven’t done that in over a year, as in the past two years, I’ve lost two girlfriends — one to a better climate and the other to a better job. So I was pretty stoked to be munching on filet on the deck of a downtown restaurant overlooking the river, no matter how brown it was.

(Isn’t it funny how your groups of friends change over the years? As someone who has moved a good bit, I tend to be drawn to folks who also have moved a good bit, as the lifers in any city tend to already have their own friends. Today, I find that I have my work friends, and those I met through the beau. I think it’s a sign of his fabulosity that I adore his friends, in the kind of way that, had I met them on my own, I’d like them anyway. Woah.)

After our rockin’ dinner, one gal went home to relieve a babysitter, and I went to the other gal’s house. I drank some wine, she drank some rum and Cokes, and we bs’d for a few hours. I got home early enough for a Saturday  night — around midnight — and found myself … home. On a Saturday night. Alone.

I spend most weekends with the beau, and I was practically giddy with my aloneness. I’ve always been fine by myself, and while I do prefer the company of the beau any day of the week, the solo time on a weekend night was nice.

So, naturally, I made some earrings.

I’ll be listing most of them now. Here’s a sneak peak.

These will start at just $10 (the pinwheel earrings in the upper righthand corner and the hoops), so be sure to visit Jaclyn1423 and check them out.


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