Read It: Daisy Duck, Mom & Dad and listening to the music

23 Jun

This week’s Read It brings you six (six!) must-read blog posts. (I hope this isn’t too many. If you’d like me to be pickier when picking the next batch, just let me know!)

Half of them fall under a general Mom/Dad/parents theme. Let’s start with those:

  • When a mother-in-law has to stand in for Mom: The Crazy Baby Mama might be one of the most well-done parent blogs I read. (As a non-parent, it might make no sense to read parent blogs, but a) I’m a sucker for a good story-teller and b) reading all the melt-downs, OMG look what my kid did stories is a brilliant form of birth control, as if I needed any more.) Anyway, Sarah is a phenomenal writer, and her story about her mother-in-law touches on all the things I love about The Crazy Baby Mama: It’s touching, sweet and laugh-aloud funny. (The woman compares her newborn to Voldemort. Priceless.)
  • A remembered-father father’s day post: Have you met Kate, of Suburban Sweetheartyet? I’ve touted the merits of her blog enough times on Snap, Crackle, Pop, so if you’ve not wandered over there yet, this is a great entry to start. Kate’s father died when she was young, and this remembrance post is sweet and honest.
  • Go the eff to sleep!: And, to move away from the sad, have you listened to Sam Jackson read the hilarious “children’s” book, “Go the F**k to Sleep”? Allie is Wiredposts the audio. LISTEN TO IT NOW.

  • Tips from an Etsy pro: Moment of Stars has been a seller on Etsy for six years, and her post about some general tips really resonates with me, especially, “Just because you built it, doesn’t mean they’ll come.” There are thousands and thousands of sellers on Etsy. If you give up after one or two sales a month, you’re probably not actually working at it.
  • Daisy Duck was a newspaper editor: Um, did you know there was an entire blog devoted to the Ducks, as in Donald and his clan? Oh, aren’t you excited to now know that Duck Comics Revueexists!! Anyway, in this post, it is revealed that in at least one strip, Daisy was an editor. Oh, be still my heart.

  • A hit-you-over-the-head e-mail forward: This post is essentially a reprint of a forward Vanessa received. She posted it to BailyBelle Creations because it struck a nerve in her. And it strikes one in me, too.  Would you have stopped? Really? I’m not sure. I like to think so. But then, I don’t live in a city where stuff like this happens. And when I visit cities with street musicians, I usually will stop and check it out for a bit.
What have been your favorite bloggy reads of the last week? Comment with links!

One Response to “Read It: Daisy Duck, Mom & Dad and listening to the music”

  1. Meghan June 23, 2011 at 3:11 pm #

    That email forward about the violinist made me tear up. I like to think I would have stopped… but I guess it would depend on where I was heading and what else was going on in my life at that moment. I especially like to think that if Ryan ever pauses to listen to beautiful music, that I won’t shove him along… But life’s craziness gets the best of us all at times.

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