I got a thank you note!

22 Jun

A few weeks ago, I sold a pair of big, shiny gold earrings. In my description, I called them “Egyptian style.”

The girl who bought the earrings left the sweetest note to seller, telling me that she thought they were beautiful and that she was purchasing them for her graduation party, where she wanted to look like an Egyptian princess.

I found her story adorable — seriously, why don’t more sellers leave notes? I love this stuff! — and included a little “Congrats on your graduation” gift pendant when I sent her the earrings.

Then, in the mail yesterday, I got this:

Brittany, the girl who graduated, sent me a thank you note! I find the gesture to be so, so sweet. And I think it’s my first snail mail thank you note from jewelry. She even told me she’d send me a pic of her in the earrings after her party in August. I hope she does! I love pics of people rockin’ some Jaclyn1423. (If you have any pics of yourself in my jewelry, you should totally send them to me!)

What’s the coolest bit of snail mail you’ve gotten lately?


One Response to “I got a thank you note!”

  1. Ally June 22, 2011 at 11:37 pm #

    That is very cool! Man, I can’t even get my nieces to send me a thank you TEXT when they receive a gift from us!!

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