Attn: Crafty readers!

22 Jun

If you’ve read Snap, Crackle, Pop for more than a year, you may remember Joey’s Auction.

For new readers, Joey’s Auction is something I started last year. It runs in August to correspond with my brother Joey’s birthday.  Last year, he turned 21, and to celebrate, I held an auction on this blog of handmade and vintage items, and I donated 100 percent of the proceeds to Joey’s school, Elim Christian Academy.

(If you missed it, Joey has autism. His exact diagnosis is PDD-NOS, aka pervasive developmental disorder-not otherwise specified. He understands everything you say perfectly but is non-verbal. He communicates through writing and weird little grunt-words. I’m “Jah-jah.” My boyfriend Jeff is “Jay-ah.” Mom is “Muh-Muh.” “Coke” is “ko.”)

With more than 30 participating crafters, you guys helped me raise more than $700!

This August comes Joey’s Auction 2011. Joey just graduated high school this month (Illinois lets folks with disabilities go to school through 21), and my parents are in the process of finding a work program for him. My plan is to donate the proceeds from Joey’s Auction 2011 to whatever program Joey goes to.

Right now, I have about 20 fabulously amazing people who are donating items (from baked goods to jewelry to paintings to photography to vintage clothing). And I’m wondering: Would you be interested in donating anything?

If you are, leave me a comment and I’ll shoot you an e-mail with more details. And please, please, please, pass on the notice!

(Also, I’d love a button for this. Anyone who knows design stuff, if you could manage to make a square button in the same colors as that blog banner up there with a puzzle piece and “Joey’s Auction 2011,” you would be my hero.)


2 Responses to “Attn: Crafty readers!”

  1. Kristin June 22, 2011 at 8:45 pm #

    Jaclyn, I craft with a group of ladies that might be interested in donating a few things – we’re meeting on Saturday, so I could talk to them then. Will you e-mail me the details? Thanks!

  2. Katherine June 22, 2011 at 9:32 pm #

    Jaclyn Honey – I’d love to create a piece of jewelry for Joey’s auction. Please send me the details. I miss you both!
    – Katherine Kratzer

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