Some Jaclyn1423 love at Spinning Threads

21 Jun

I met Claire through the Love and Envelopes Birthday Club (essentially, we both signed up to send cards — and maybe little gifts — to birthday girls.)

Claire’s oh-so-thoughtful gift to me almost made me tear up. She had seen me mention that I WILL go to Italy before I turn 30, so she found me a pretty little black patent leather passport book, along with some cutie purple argyle socks.

We started to read one another’s blog, and I found out that I adored hers. Spinning Threads is a fashion blog by a woman who deserves to have a fashion blog. Claire pulls outfits together fabulously. I especially love it when she’ll take a picture of a celeb lookin’ fierce and use that style as a model for own outfit.

I was interested in sponsoring Spinning Threads, and when I contacted her, Claire told me she hadn’t had a sponsor yet! I was so happy to be her first, and even more excited when I saw the wonderful things she said about Jaclyn1423 in a post where she models a Jaclyn1423 necklace.

Isn’t she a cutie? And I love the way she can mix and match two colors you might not think to put together. Fabulous!


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