Read it: Poetry bombing, wedding jewelry & dropping your cellie in the crapper

13 Jun

For this week’s edition of Read It, I’ve got blog posts spanning the range from straight up photography and a sweet birthday wish to a son to the sort of post you kind of want to print out and hang on your refrigerator.

  • Poetry bombing!Design Mom linked to a rockin’ video of a woman who poetry bombs, aka sews tiny little poems into clothing at thrift stores. This is a must-watch.

  • Hey, it’s OKA Complete Waste of Makeup (how’s that for a fabulous blog moniker?) posts a diary-style entry of I’m OK-you’re OK style confessions. Read on to help yourself feel vindicated.
  • A birthday odeA Tall Drink of Sweet Tea (who held the Jaclyn1423 June giveaway) has a heart-felt blog entry wishing her 15-year-old son a happy birthday. (Don’t worry if it tells you that Angel’s blog is an adult blog — this entry is completely SFW.)
  • ZOMG wedding jewelryHappinest Photo is a husband/wife photography duo, and also two of the most amazing photographers I’ve ever met in real life. This entry in particular on the photo blog slays me because … that wedding jewelry! I adore it and am hugely inspired by it. Must … create … NOW …
  • Save your cell phone! — This is a very handy tutorial by The Elephant’s Trunk about what to do if you accidentally drop your cell phone in water. Whoops.

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