Do you Heartsy?

1 Jun

I need a favor, happy blog readers. Can you visit this link and say “yes, definitely”? Pretty please?

For those of you unfamiliar with Heartsy, think Groupon for Etsy. If you haven’t done the Groupon thing yet, it’s a website that allows you to buy coupons for products at drastically reduced costs. Heartsy is the same thing, but for Etsy shops.

By clicking, “yes, definitely,” you’re telling Heartsy that I should be a featured seller. This would mean that on a day in the future, you would be able to spend something like $14 on a coupon worth $30 to spend however you like in my shop. The Heartsy discounts are all more than 50 percent (I think — I’ve never seen a lower discount than that), which makes the coupon a wonderful value for you while giving Etsy shops, like Jaclyn1423, some incredible exposure. It’s not uncommon for Heartsy coupons to sell out in the first hour.

I’ve purchased one Heartsy before, from Tweak Jewels. I can’t tell you how simple it was. There is a code to enter upon checkout from her shop. I walked away with a pretty feather necklace, a ring made with a piece of Italian beach pottery, the gorgeous beads I used to make these earrings (also pictured below) and some antiquated gold-toned chain.

So won’t you help a gal out and click “yes, definitely“? And if you Tweet or Facebook that link for me, I will be sending happy wishes your way all day.


3 Responses to “Do you Heartsy?”

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