A giveaway and a poll for you

31 May

I hope everyone had an amazing long weekend! I’ll be back this week with some pics from mine, which truly rocked the casbah.

Until then, I have two fabulous things for you to check out. First off, the June (June!!) giveway in 2011: Year of Giveaways is up over at A Tall Drink of Sweet Tea. The wonderful Angel is giving away a teal blue wire-wrapped howlite bracelet. See?

The bracelet is about 9 inches long and features an antiquated silver-toned toggle clasp (which means its easy to put on yourself — don’t you hate those bracelets that make you say, “Honey! Can you put this on me, please?”)

Howlite is an easy-to-dye stone known for promoting creativity and self-awareness. It helps to dispel anger, rudeness and narcissism.

So hop on over to A Tall Drink of Sweet Tea to enter to win any time before June 7. After, come back here and answer my poll.

I recently purchase two gorgeous vintage-looking antiquated gold-toned lockets with a spot for my own design. I have some vintage cameos  I had hoped to attach to the lockets, but the size isn’t quite right.

So I’m debating what to use the lockets for. Should I put some pretty scrap-book designs in there? Or what about a word cut from a vintage dictionary? If I went with the latter choice, what are you most likely to wear?


I'd love to hear what you think!

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