‘Something Borrowed’ was good!

26 May

Last week, I took myself on a date to see “Something Borrowed.” I have a love/hate relationship with chick flicks. I love them, but I hate it when they blow. And they often blow.

“Something Borrowed” did not blow! There were a handful of the cliches that make me want to stab the story’s writer, but the goodness more than made up for the stabby parts.

I’ve taken the job of mapping out the pros and cons. These are full of spoilers. If you care, kindly browse elsewhere. (May I suggest my Etsy shop? Ha, couldn’t help myself.)

From left: Jon Krasinski as Ethan, Ginnifer Goodwin as Rachel, Kate Hudson as Darcy and Colin Egglesfield as Dex

The basic plot, in case you’d missed it: Rachel and Darcy have been bffs 4ever & ever. Darcy is about to marry Dex. Problem: Rachel is hugely, massively in love with Dex, and she has been since law school. She mentions this law-school crush to Dex, who had been stupidly oblivious, and the two sleep together. Now: Does Dex break up with Darcy? Does Rachel tell her best friend what she’s done? Shenanigans ensue. The plot sounds atrocious, I know. But I swear, it was good!!)

The goodness

  • Often, when a main character is being an idiot, there is no one on screen to tell her off as we wish we could. “Something Borrowed” has that character! Ethan is a friend who has watched this entire Dex saga unfold, back from the days when Dex and Rachel were just law students. As a viewer, you want to scream at Rachel to get her head out of her ass and make a decision, but theater owners frown on it when audience members shout “ass” too loudly. Ethan, bless his heart, has this conversation for us. I don’t remember if he says “ass.”
  • Darcy is not just a bitch with a capital B. Yes, she’s loud and obnoxious and selfish. She’s a piece of all of us and a piece of all our best friends and a piece of all the girls we hated growing up. But she’s sweet. She adores Rachel. And Darcy might seem to use her friend, but it’s more because Rachel allows Darcy to act this way. Darcy is not actually heartless, especially when it comes to her friend. When it comes to guys, that’s something else entirely. But not with Rachel.
  • That girl from “How I Met Your Mother”! Remember when Ted meets “Buttercup,” aka Victoria, at a friend’s wedding? IMDB tells me this gal is Ashley Williams, and she’s adorable. In “Something Borrowed,” she’s a hot mess. Her crush on Ethan is friggin’ hilarious.
  • The resolution. I adore that pregnancy agrees with Darcy. I love that she’s strong enough to stay away from Rachel for that long. Because Rachel, in her meekness and inability to tell Dex how she feels from the very start, is a shitty, shitty friend. The entire situation could have been avoided if Rachel did not suck so enormously.

The stabby parts

  • The main character sucks. I absolutely cannot relate to a woman who tells her best friend to date the man she loves. Flat out tells her to do this. No. You suck. You’re not a martyr; you’re a moron.
  • Did Ethan really need to be in love with Rachel? No, he did not. Stupid. Let them be friends.
  • Dex. Everything about Dex sux, so badly, that it’s necessary to misspell “sucks” to closer match his name. He is whining, unsure of himself and hugely, enormously stupid. When you’re in love with a gal? And her best friend hits on you? You don’t flirt back. And when you become engaged to the friend? You don’t continue to hold a flame for the original friend. That engagement, at that point, is called “bad decision making.” And it makes you look like an idiot.

It might seem that “the main character sucks” is a reason in and of itself to stay away from a flick. The thing is? You kind of find yourself liking Rachel anyway. This is probably thanks to Ginnifer Goodwin. Ginnifer Goodwin is what you would get if you mixed fairy dust, unicorn hairs and your grandmother’s lemonade in a blow-up swimming pool on a sweet summer day.

Your turn: Did you see “Something Borrowed”? What did you think?


2 Responses to “‘Something Borrowed’ was good!”

  1. Suburban Sweetheart May 27, 2011 at 10:03 am #

    I hated every single thing about this entirely movie except for the fact that the whole cast is pretty to look at.

    • Jaclyn May 27, 2011 at 10:06 am #

      I really do typically feel that way toward a Kate Hudson chick flick. “The Bride Wars” made me lose brain cells that I STILL miss. I’m kind of holding a grudge on Anne Hathaway for making such an asinine decision.

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