Save 15% in Jaclyn1423 as a thank you

23 May

From now until Wednesday night, save 15 percent in my entire shop with the coupon code “14thankyou23” — just enter it upon check out to receive the discount on your full order.

When I opened Jaclyn1423, I did so solely for the purpose of getting ride of some of the beaded pretties I found accumulating in my one-bedroom apartment. A friend introduced me to the wonder of loose beads, and I started to make bracelets and necklaces because, frankly, it was fun. Once it became clear that I could never wear everything I made, I decided to try my hand at an Etsy shop.

It was a decision I made on the fly, kind of like “Oh, this diner has pie? How about … coconut cream!”

The irony is that I do very minimal beaded stuff anymore. The bulk of my stock -- and my favorite kind of piece to make -- is taking vintage pieces and doing something new with them. This pendant is from the 1950s, and this chain came in a detash listing. I love how the rhinestones pick up the glimmer of the chain. Fifteen percent of this purchase will go to Autism Speaks.

As of June 1, Jaclyn1423 will be two years old. Not only did I stick with this longer than I ever thought (heck, I never even thought about how long I’d do jewelry), but I’ve discovered a million other things to consider when selling jewelry:

  • Do I know how to take a photo so this awesome necklace or those fab earrings don’t look like a piece of crud?
  • Am I charging enough to both pay for my time and materials and make a profit? And how do I balance that with my desire to keep everything affordable?
  • How do I want to package my goodies? The personal touch of handmade is so important, so I want my buyers to know I’m a real gal.
  • How do I deal with a situation when something I’ve made breaks?

Today, I’ve just gotten my 200th piece of feedback, and all of them are positive. If someone told me two years ago that I would reach this point — and that I would feel as happy about it as I do — I would have been wildly confused. I didn’t even think about customer feedback when I opened!

In the midst of it all is possibly the one that most tells me I should keep going, something I received from a buyer a few days ago. She had purchased an upcycled bracelet, which broke shortly after she put it on. One of the touchy things about using as many vintage pieces as I do is it’s difficult to judge the integrity of a piece.

Jaclyn1423 doesn’t offer refunds — frankly, I’m nowhere near large enough to afford such a luxury — but I will offer store credit in the amount of the original purchase (excluding shipping and handling).

As I was working with this buyer, I was absolutely paranoid. Would she be so upset with her broken bracelet that she would swear off Jaclyn1423 forever? Would I find myself bashed to pieces on a blog somewhere? (Over dramatic? Uh, yeah. [hangs head in embarrassment])

When this seller left me positive feedback, I was thrilled. I consider myself pretty easy to work with, and it’s so so so nice to know that this extends into “Things didn’t turn out as planned” territory.

So as a “thank you” for being such stupendous customers — and as a sort of early two-year anniversary dealie — I’m offer 15 percent off to my shop through Wednesday night. Buy yourself that treat you’ve been eyeballing; tell a friend you love her with a trinket; stock up on birthday gifts.

And thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for being so supportive and fabulous.


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