Bad Photo Taker!

17 May

I’ve been really terrible at getting photographs lately, and I’ve sent out a number of pretty cool orders.

OK, my camera isn't nearly as cool as this, but you get the idea. (Photo from Lola's Room. Click on the pic for more.)

First off, the woman who won the personalized mommy necklace asked for a tweak: Instead of it looking like the Jaclyn1423 version, she asked for a puzzle piece take. She has two sons, and one has autism. Both of their names start with a B. So I made her a sterling charm necklace with a sterling puzzle piece, a sterling B and the birthstone Swarovkis — sapphire for September and opal for Ocotber.

She also indicated that she’d like something for her husband. We worked on a keychain for autism — it included a pewter puzzle piece and a trio of Czech glass beads: two oranges and a white, for Clemson.

I also recently shipped off two dozen autism necklaces to a woman I met through Twitter. She had tweeted that she was getting ready for a big autism conference. I inquired about it, and she told me it was in Chicago. She bought a booth to help other autism-awareness supporters. She has three children, and all are on the autism spectrum. She runs the Sharonsweb Autism Foundation website.

None of the necklaces were exactly the same. Half were 16 inches and half were 18. All had a puzzle piece, but half included a pewter cross and a Czech glass bead while the other half had three Czech glass beads. She’s going to sell them at the conference to try and offset the booth’s costs.

And last night, I spent an hour and a half buying goodies to make jewelry for two friends’ bridesmaids. Their styles and tastes couldn’t be more different, but I’m so excited to get started.

There will definitely be photos of those.


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