Quoted and noted: How perfectly put

14 May

“Change in a person’s character structure is slow and almost imperceptible, and although many people look back and say, This was the day that changed my life, they are never wholly right. The day you choose one college instead of another, or decide not to go to college at all, the day you take one job instead of another because you cannot wait, the day you meet someone you later love — all are days that lead to change, but none of them are decisive because the choice itself is the unconscious product of days that have gone before.” ~ “The Best of Everything,” by Rona Jaffe

I guess this resonates with me so much because I try to go back and pin point the event “that changed everything” so often. The friend who loaned me this book has asked me before, “What are the two events that shaped you most?” and “Who are the two people who shaped you most?”

It always goes back to my high school journalism classes. The advisor, a mentor really, who taught me how to write and how to take criticism and supported me, who introduced me to Kent State, so that no other college really had a shot. The professor at Kent who, when I was applying for jobs my senior year, suggested a town not far from where her parents lived two states away, because she knew my parents lived near that town, too. Three years later, the complete disrespect I received from someone I worked with, that led to a new batch of resumes to be sent out.

It all brought me here, with this job, with these people — some friends closer than I’ve had before, a man I love more than I’ve loved before, a former acquaintance who introduced me to jewelry making, which has earned me enough side cash so I can stick with a job in an industry that’s tanking, that doesn’t give raises, that makes it as hard as possible to make a living and better oneself.

Do you ever look at that? Are you able to pinpoint an event — a true event, as Jaffe points out — that “‘changed everything”?

One Response to “Quoted and noted: How perfectly put”

  1. Meghan May 14, 2011 at 6:35 pm #

    That quote gave me goose bumps. I think about this all the time. I am fascinated by the fact that I lived in Ohio for 22 years and Mike lived in PA for 22 years. For 22 years, we were in states right next to each other, studying the same profession. But we had to move to AZ to cross paths. I’m going to be blogging about this soon because the anniversary of the day I moved is coming up and I always think about this a lot this time of year.

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