When the post office dog treats your package like a chew toy

10 May

According to my Etsy sales, I’ve sent out 238 items across the world. In those numbers, there have been a few broken chains (which I’m happy to fix) and a package or two that took like two months to arrive.

However, this issue is a first:

The business card — which serves as jewelry cards for Jaclyn1423 — in the upper lefthand corner is completely mangled. The envelope has been torn through the middle. The necklace is broken; the bracelet, shattered. The note I wrote looks as though someone took a bite out of it.

Alison is a sweetheart, and a repeat customer. When she sent me photos of how her autism jewelry — purchased for her grandmother — arrived, I was pretty disgusted. This item was clearly caught in a sorting machine … but packages don’t go through the same machine that letters do. If they did, they stand to get caught and torn.

Like this.

I wrap my jewelry securely in bubble wrap, and I don’t see any bubble wrap in these remnants. Which tells me I either had the brain fart of all brain farts and forgot to bubble wrap the jewelry (which, frankly, I find hugely unlikely), or that the bubble wrap was so destroyed that the post office flat out pitched it when one of the machines tried to open Alison’s package for her.

It takes stuff like this to realize the kinds of items an Etsy shop needs to include in its policies (here are mine).

Jaclyn1423 doesn’t give refunds, but in an instance when an item is damaged in shipping, here’s what I can do:

  • If an item can be recreated, I’ll do it once free of charge.
  • If a one-of-a-kind item is destroyed, I’ll offer a one-time shop credit in the amount of the item(s).

To other shop owners, what do you do when the post office eats a package? To other buyers, have you had something like this happen before? How did you handle it?


3 Responses to “When the post office dog treats your package like a chew toy”

  1. Jesse Alvarez May 10, 2011 at 3:06 pm #

    Wow. Rise of the machines.

  2. Alison May 10, 2011 at 3:08 pm #

    The bubble wrap was there! All mangled too. 😦 You are sweet. I am so sorry this happened. Crazy post office dogs. 😦

  3. Suburban Sweetheart May 10, 2011 at 7:30 pm #


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