What I Wore: A bit of a dingbat moment

9 May

I spent the weekend in Hudson, Ohio, for the Oddmall craft fair on Saturday (more on that later). After the show, the beau and I decided to grab some dinner.

It was definitely a jeans kind of night, but I wanted to put on some fun, funky jewelry with the outfit. I completely forgot to pack anything too stand-out, and after I got dressed, I walked out of the bathroom to mention, “Wow, I can’t believe I forgot to pack more jewelry.”

No words had escaped my mouth before I realized something and hung my head.

The beau: What?

Me: I’m a dingbat.

The beau: Why?

Me: I was about to complain that I forgot to pack a fun necklace to wear tonight.

The I walked over to the nearly 200 pieces of jewelry I had been peddling at the craft fair.

Me: Um, I think I’ll have something.

I went with this one:

It must be said: These paper beads looked awesome with a pair of jeans, a tank and a boyfriend cardigan. The colors were kind of made for a casual look with jeans, and I wore big dangly earrings in the same gun-metal gray as the chain.

After I finished getting dressed, we took our directions and hopped in the car. The beau had requested seafood, so I had googled “seafood, hudson, ohio.” I found a restaurant called Nick Anthe’s. The reviews said the prices were right and the food was good. We love trying new places, so we set out to find the restaurant.

When we got there, the parking lot was packed — always a good sign. The sign featured a cute little logo, too: A pair of thick, black hipster glasses. I imagined women with asymmetrical haircuts and scarves and men in skinny jeans.

We walked into Nick Anthe’s … and immediately, the median age of the clientel dropped by 20 years.

The glasses on the sign were not hipster glasses so much as Harry Caray glasses.

Highly amused, we took a seat at the bar and drank our beer (him) and wine (me) as we waited for a table.

The food was amazing.

And it totally came with a bean salad.


One Response to “What I Wore: A bit of a dingbat moment”

  1. Suburban Sweetheart May 9, 2011 at 11:10 am #


    Love the jewelry story. 😉

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