Meet: The Inquisitive Mom

4 May

Mindy over at The Inquisitive Mom is a central Illinois gal who makes blogging fun — and pretty! Hop over there and check out her adorable nameplate; I love that the photos rotate through. It’s so neat!

Mindy is hosting the Jaclyn1423 May giveaway, which is open through Sunday. The giveaway? A mommy necklace, for mother’s day, of course! This necklace is easily customizable — you tell me the initial and birthstone and I do the rest.

I wanted to make sure Snap, Crackle, Pop readers got a chance to learn more about the gal behind the blog. So, without further ado: Mindy!

When and why did you start blogging? My blog initially began as a way to connect with distant family and friends, share tidbits of our lives and post photos of our daughter.

We moved across the country in September of 2007, and I began blogging in February of 2008. Posts sharing funny anecdotes, parental frustrations and a bit of my every day soon became ways for me to appreciate and evaluate my life. I discovered that, as I shared the wonders and difficulties parenthood, I could better recognize my own strengths and weaknesses. Blogging became more than a journal of my family life:  It soon became my place to chronicle the discoveries I made about myself through the everyday adventures of motherhood.


I transitioned to my current blog in November of 2009 and started adding cloth diaper information, as well as reviews and giveaways.

In your mind, what does your Constant Reader look like? When you imagine someone visiting The Inquisitive Mom, what does that person wear? What does that person do? Where does that person live? I imagine my constant reader is a mom like me who enjoys connecting with others, reading different perspectives and sharing her own ideas on her blog. I think my regular reader is probably also interested in the environment and loves entering a giveaway or two. I actually discovered one day on Twitter that a fairly regular reader of mine only lives about an hour away. We’ve yet to meet in person, but it’s been fun connecting with someone local that I met via the internet.

So Ms. Inquisitive Mom, what are you so inquisitive about? Everything. My husband likes to describe me as someone who can talk enthusiastically about anything — from ice cream to politics. I’m pretty curious by nature, and I love to strike up a conversation with someone new and find out about them. I tend to be that person you know who tried out something new she saw at the store. I love to problem-solve and find answers. I often use the Internet to find everything from the best way to clean cloth diapers and to how to deal with tantrums to where to find discounts.

Tell me about the last thing you bought yourself that really, really excited you. At first, I was stumped by this question. Then I remembered that I recently placed an order and purchased several cookbooks from America’s Test Kitchen/Cook’s Illustrated. The Cook’s Illustrated Magazine has truly helped me to become more interested and engaged in cooking and baking. I received an amazing cookbook from America’s Test Kitchen for my birthday that I use constantly and wanted to add to my cookbook library.

At 11:34 a.m. on a typical weekday, you can usually be found doing what? This is the time my daughter has arrived home from preschool and we are kicking off our shoes and settling in to have lunch and chat about our mornings.

What’s your current favorite song? “Say Hey.” I unabashadley love it and my daughter will say, “Hey, Mom, it’s our song!” when it comes on in the car. I also love Howie Day’s “Collide.”


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