The amount Jaclyn1423 raised for autism in April is …

1 May

… $109.50!

I’m ecstatic and so, so happy to have broken $100 for Autism Speaks. It’s a little shy of last year’s total — $159.13 — but that’s because the breakdown is different. Last year was the first time I debuted ANY Joey’s Hot Dog jewelry, and the bulk of that $150+ was from necklaces. I debuted bracelets this year, but the bulk was from general sales.

I’m sending the check this week, and I thank everyone who made a purchase from Jaclyn1423 in April to help me break $100. This means Jaclyn1423 has raised a total of $323.63 for Autism Speaks in one year. That’s incredible!

The necklaces and bracelets will remain in Jaclyn1423, but I’m not sure how much longer they’ll stay. After a year, it may be time for something else. As soon as I figure out what — or as soon as I figure out when Jaclyn1423 will begin to phase out the hot dogs — I’ll let you know!

In the mean time, there will be more items in Jaclyn1423 that include a donation to Autism Speaks. A friend of mine recently gave me a whole bunch of amazing vintage costume jewelry from the 1950s and ’60s. In return, all she told me was: Donate a portion of each to autism. Well, I can do that.

So far, I’ve listed one of these donations: This incredible accordion bracelet. It’s in amazing condition: All the faux pearls are intact, and the joints work so very well. Fifteen percent of this and every other listing from Joyce’s stash will go to Autism Speaks.

Click on the image to visit the bracelet.


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