The coolness of hand delivery

26 Apr

Last week, I sold an item on Etsy to someone in my town. I found that insanely cool and immediately wondered, “Do I have some connection to her? Or did she find me truly at random?”

It turned out the two of us had a mutual friend, and the buyer had followed my Facebook fan page for some time. One of my pieces spoke to her as a perfect gift for her daughter: the teacup necklace! (It was long the favored item in Jaclyn1423, and I’m so happy it has finally found a happy home.)

It turns out, her daughter is a huge fan of teacups. She even has a tattoo of one.

When I Google mapped the address, I discovered that she not only lived in my town, but she lived two streets over from my beau. I offered to hand deliver the item, and she said sure.

This means I got to see her as she handed the package to her daughter. And I got to see how excited her daughter was as she hooked the dainty little cup around her neck.

That was insanely cool.

Now that the teacup has sold, the new No. 1 favored item in Jaclyn1423 (barring the rock/paper/scissors sets) this simple upcycled vintage butterfly necklace, with 17 hearts.


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