Quoted & noted: King on faith

26 Apr

“This was something Reverend Martin had told him over and over again, drilling him with it like some important spelling rule, i before e except after c: sane men and women don’t believe in God. That was all, that was flat. You can’t say it from the pulpit, because the congregation’d run you out of town, but it’s the truth. God isn’t about reason; God is about faith and belief. God says, ‘Sure take away the safety net. And when that’s gone, take away the tightrope, too.’” ~Stephen King, “Desperation,” p. 242

This is a perfect example of why I love King so much. He takes a concept as gray (as in “versus black and white,” not as in “dull and boring”) and complex as faith and throws this superbly perfect metaphor at it. Makes me want to crawl in his prose and camp out under his stars.

Of course, with King, it’s Full Dark, No Stars, but I’d wait for the twinkle anyway.


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