Quoted & noted: Jaclyn1423 bracelets are not for male sumo wrestlers

25 Apr

“These were stocking-stuffers for my 12- and 10-year-old (girl and boy), and were received by both very well; Santa achieved success once again.

“The colors are great, really intense. They also are well matched within each bracelet, thematically linked, so that you don’t have just a muddied rainbow mish-mash.

“One thing I will note on these bracelets is that they are rather small. Of course, this product is not geared for male sumo wrestlers or circus strongmen, so I wouldn’t expect them to be huge. But it seems they are made for kids and those of small wrist. If you’ve got older kids or larger than average wrists, you might need a bit more string to make the connection.

“Bottom line: all in all, nice product, and we just might get some more once the 13th birthday comes up here in a few months.” ~ Sir Charles Panther, on the bracelets mentioned in this blog post

My spam filter caught that comment. I deleted it permanently … but I really had to share it first. I’m so disappointed that circus strongmen can’t wear Joey’s  Hot Dog bracelets!


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