Shades of color: What a great website find

21 Apr

As I was listing this little heart necklace, I decided I wanted to find a more accurate descriptor for it than “pink.” Because it’s somehow brighter than the color that pops in my head when I think “pink.”

Google introduced me to Wikipedia’s wonderful “shades of” pages. Check out the shades of pink, for example. Based on that map, my little cartoon heart is a near perfect carmine pink. See?

And this necklace I made last night? The chain and the gold focal are vintage, but those three glass beads are new. And in order from largest to smalleest, Wikipedia tells me they are blue (the color of the header background), Maya blue and true blue.

And this awesome vintage pendant isn’t just purple surrounded with amethyst rhinestones. Oh, no. It’s orchid with byzantium rhinestones (from shades of violet).

Did anyone else know these color charts existed? Am I just completely behind in discovering this awesome new tool for tagging and description?


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