Meet: Good Girl Gone Redneck

12 Apr

This month, the amazing blogger who agreed to host the Jaclyn1423 giveaway is the super sweet and easy-going Andrea B. of Triangle, NC. She volunteered to host the April giveaway because she’s into autism awareness, and I knew before starting even the first giveaway that I wanted April’s to be Joey’s Hot Dog related.

Andrea has been such a pleasure to work with: She’s easy-breezy and sweet as pecan pie.

Meet Princess Andrea (lovin' that crown)

How long have you been blogging? Why did you start? I have actually been blogging since March of 2009, but only went live in April (it’s almost exactly two years!). I started as I love to write and have always looked for a place to share my thoughts. And on top of that, the extra bonus of meeting incredible people has been amazing!

Tell me about one of your favorite posts. I have so many that mean so much, that I honestly can’t decide. But the one that best tells you about ME is here, at 100 Things.

I often think, “If I wasn’t like me, if I was a different type of person, I would have a rockin’ pixie cut, a nose ring and lots of tattoos. And my hair would change color all the time.” If you weren’t like you, what would you be like? That is a really tough one. I honestly think I could have been born in a different generation. Not quite the total hippie type, but I think I am a flower power child of the ’60s or ’70s. Honestly, though I was born in the ’70s, I think I was meant to have bell-bottoms and flowers in my hair. I was meant to attend concerts like Woodstock and listen to that kind of music and wear my hair in braided pigtails all the time. I do it now sometimes even if it seems out of place. But if I look at me now, born when I was and the age I am now, I’d be someone who was able to wear my long hair down all the time (which to me equals stress-free and not a care in the world), wear the flowy and simple kinds of clothes I enjoy and be more relaxed, generally speaking. It’d be cool if I could travel the world while writing in my journal. Then I’d come home and publish my stories. Something like that. But then I wouldn’t be a mom to my daughter and married to my husband, and I wouldn’t trade either of them for the world! (Except a quick vacation now and then. Ahem. Sometimes!)

Tell me about the best book you’ve read this year. This year is so new! This year (and I’ve only read 12 so far), I would have to say The Bird House, by Kelly Simmons. It was a wonderful story that worked itself out between the present and past, and it was endearing. I reviewed it here.

And last year I had SO many I loved, but The Help, by Kathryn Stockett was just amazing. It was one of the best books I have ever read, honestly. It was so raw and real. So incredibly thought-provoking and well written. It’s no wonder it was a best seller for so long! Here’s my review for it.

The one quality that most drives you batty in another person: I have a really hard time with people who are self-absorbed. If I can’t have a conversation with you without you interrupting to say, :Yeah, I totally had that happen when …” and completely cutting me off, we’re probably not going to connect all that well. My friend and I call them the “one-uppers” — they always need to get in what they have had happen to them. Honestly, because I consider myself a really great listener; I expect that same respect in return.

What’s the coolest thing you’ve bought for yourself recently? Hmmn, not much. I recently bought two new T-shirts  online at Old Navy, and they’re kind of cute. But not cool. I’m trying to decide if I’m saving up to buy a Kindle with some Amazon giftcards I have earned, so that might be it. I’m not sure yet, though. I may change my mind and buy other stuff for the house and the kiddo. It’show I tend to roll.

The Jaclyn1423 giveaway over at Good Girl Gone Redneck is over on Thursday, and there aren’t many entries at all — that means your shots of winning are excellent! PLUS: There will be two winners! The first place winner will have his or her choice of a Joey’s Hot Dog necklace with an initial charm and a Joey’s Hot Dog bracelet. The second place winner will receive the second piece of jewelry.


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