Things that I love

11 Apr
  1. Finishing a really stupendous book. It means my hours invested in that book were not wasted, AND it means I get to start another book. (The book in question: Love and Biology at the Center of the Universe, by Jennie Shortridge. It had its flaws, certainly, but I liked to read about a heroine who is flawed and relateable.) (Even if you’d never read this book, just LOOK at it. It’s one of my favorite covers ever. I love the font, the design of the title and the author, the simple and beautiful pink table, the lonely little latte that looks oh-so-happy with itself.)
  2. Going to Target with three items on a list and walking out $50 later. OK, that’s not awesome, but when part of that $50 is spent on a gift for an event where you were flying clueless? Oh, yes.
  3. A clean apartment.
  4. A warm day, a town full of antique stores, a willing boyfriend and a slew of amazing finds.
  5. My girl friends.

Your turn.

Two of my favorite ladies came to town for the weekend. Here, just after dinner and before the best night of karaoke on the planet. I miss you ladies, dearly. (The creeper over my shoulder cracks my shizz up. Yes, he's with us. But still. Hilarious.)


One Response to “Things that I love”

  1. Ally April 11, 2011 at 6:51 pm #

    Love the creeper! lol đŸ˜‰

    Your #2? Oh yes, I totally understand.

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