New vintage goodies in Jaclyn1423

29 Mar

Now that the three-day festival is over, I’m back to working on Jaclyn1423! I’ve just added two new items and taken a bunch of new pics. See?? (Click on any of the images for more.)

This vintage bracelet was definitely hard to list. I love it!!

I’ve had this vintage necklace for a while. I couldn’t decide what to do with it. I was sure I would make a bunch of earrings from it … but with spring coming, I just couldn’t rip up the little guy. Isn’t it a perfect springtime piece?

I’ve had this necklace in my shop for a while. I just took some new pics. I hope you like! The pendant started its life as a clip-on earring. I ripped off the clip-on part and turned it into an adorable necklace. I love how crystal clear those sapphire rhinestones are.

This is the second batch of photos I took of this vintage pendant necklace. I like them much better than the first batch … but I’m still not sure it’s showcased as well as it could be. This pendant is seriously beautiful. Can you even tell???

I think this necklace is just perfect for springtime, too. Isn’t that little sunflower so happy? It has a bit of wear on the black-plating, but the rhinestones are still brilliant.

Do you think I need to retake any of these?


One Response to “New vintage goodies in Jaclyn1423”

  1. Meghan March 30, 2011 at 12:50 pm #

    Drooling over the vintage brooch necklace. I think the photos look great! You can definitely see the awesomeness.

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