Some Jaclyn1423 updates

24 Mar

I was waiting to get a photo for when I share this particular bit of news, but the last time I went, the photo turned out for crap. So no picture for this announcement:

Jaclyn1423 is in a real brick and mortar store!

A local coffee joint, the Firefly Coffee House, has a few shelves of handmade goodies by local people, and I have had some charm necklaces there for just longer than a week! The display includes a few Joey’s Hot Dog pieces, some scissors necklaces, some paper necklaces, (no rock necklaces, because they look kind of silly unless they’re part of the trio), and some Hear Me Roar necklaces!

Instead of selling the trio of bff necklaces as pictured, I’m selling single paper and single scissors necklaces at the Firefly. If you’d ever like me to split up this set so you can just by one — or even if you want to create one with all three charms — just let me know!

As if that wasn’t enough, Jaclyn1423 will be at the Phunk-N-Ink Tattoo and Music Festival at the Grand Wayne Center in downtown Fort Wayne from Friday to Sunday! This is by far the largest show I’ve done, and I’m splitting a booth with the fabulous Henna Moon.

It’s going to be a few very long days — the fest runs from 10 a.m. to midnight Friday and Saturday and noon to 7 p.m. Sunday — so if you’re in the area, I beg you: Stop by! Tell me you’re a Facebook fan, and I’ll even give you 20 percent off your order. Not a Facebook fan? Become one here.

If you’ve noticed it’s been quiet over at Jaclyn1423 — I think I posted only one new piece all week — that’s why. I’ve been pricing my pieces like a little mad woman and trying to figure out how best to display my goodies. I swear, I set up a little differently at each show in an effort to look even better.

This also means I’ll probably be MIA from blogging until Monday, so here’s wishing you an amazing weekend, and I hope to see you at Phunk-N-Ink!

One Response to “Some Jaclyn1423 updates”

  1. Meghan March 24, 2011 at 5:13 pm #

    Great news! Congrats hun, and good luck this weekend!

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