Corned beef, uggo wedding dresses & Jaclyn1423 on the news

16 Mar

I’ve got a few things on the brain today, so please excuse the utter scattered nature of this blog post!

Corned beef

My apartment smells like an Irish tavern right now, and I like it.

I’m a major corned beef and cabbage fan. In the past when I’ve observed Lent and given up things like meat, I’ve always cursed St. Patrick’s day for falling in the midst of that fast. I’m having no such problems this time around, so here’s hoping domesticated me doesn’t screw this up!

Uggo wedding dresses

A friend of mine is getting married next year (IN MEXICO … jealous? I am, yo), and she’s on the hunt for a wedding dress.

In an effort to prove to her daughter that a wedding dress doesn’t have to be expensive to be nice, Lindsay’s mother sent over photos of a family friend in an online dress she bought for $200.

I’m promised Lindsay I would not include a photo of this dress, but let’s just say this: In place of a regular halter strap, it had a piece of lace that looked as though it had just been taken off the spool at JoAnn’s and safety pinned in the front (the dress would have been just fine as a strapless).

But then … there was the back. It was lace-up, which can be fine if done correctly. When said lace-up shows back skin … eh. Oh, my friend, it was bad.

After she sent me the photo and I found out for sure that she didn’t like the dress, I got honest with her. I might have used the words “trashy,” “hooker” and “shotgun wedding.”

Lindsay put it most succinctly:

“I just don’t want to look like a clueless Midwesterner in a hooker dress that may or may not be hiding a pregnant belly.”

Jaclyn1423 on the news

OK, OK, I might have sensationalized that a bit, but it’s true! My friend Michelle recently bought this necklace from Jaclyn1423:

Hello, triple chin.

We worked together at my former paper, where she is still a photographer, and today, Michelle played weather girl for the paper’s online News @ Noon — and she’s totally rockin’ her Jaclyn1423 necklace!

OK, I can’t figure out how to get the video in my post, but you can check it out by clicking here. Find Michelle starting at 1:19.

I’ve got some more fabulous news — two more bits of fabulous news, actually — but I’m waiting for an e-mail for one and a photo for the other until I spill. I’m so proud of my patience!

Happy Wednesday!


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