I’m a Coke fiend

9 Mar

I’m vibrating right now, and not in the good way.

About a week ago, I had the headache that would not go away. I took aspirin, but it didn’t even touch the pounding. I don’t really like taking pills if I can help it, so I didn’t take more. I just waited for the headache to subside, as my headaches inevitably do.

This, however, was a persistent bastard.

At about Hour 4 of the headache, I realized what was going on: My body was wanting caffeine. I often start the day with a cup of coffee or black tea (Earl Grey, hot). I am a huge Coke fiend, to the point where I rarely buy it for my apartment — I just have a few cans a week at work, or maybe when I go to a restaurant. (On a side note, you’ve never seen someone enjoy free refills more than this gal. I’m known to be sipping on Glass No. 3 when my food comes. It’s a sight.)

From the Coca-Cola store. I want. (Click on the image to see more.)

Anyway, the only thing more stubborn than my headache is me. You want to be a little bitch and hurt? FINE. Hurt. See if I care. See if I relent and give you what you crave. TAKE THAT, FOOL.

I went about four days without caffeine, and I had my first bit of it Saturday afternoon on a two-hour drive. We stopped at McDonald’s, and I got a Coke with my meal. By the time I was finished, I felt … fuzzy. Disoriented.

I promptly fell asleep. This can’t be good, I thought when I woke up. Isn’t caffeine supposed do the OPPOSITE of make you fall asleep?

The next morning, I had a cup of coffee, and then a Coke with lunch.

I haven’t had a bit of caffeine until this morning. I went to my favorite coffee shop in town and ordered my favorite drink: a raspberry … mocha? Latte? Fabulosity? I forget what it’s called, but it’s heaven in a cup.

When it came time to heat up my lunch, I wanted a Coke. It’d been four days. I’m allowed.

Dude. As I opened it, I swear I started to tremble. I’m about halfway through the can right now, and I feel like I could run laps around my building. For the record? It’s raining outside. And I’m wearing a skirt, black tights and leather heels. I could totally beat Usain Bolt right now.

When I was in high school, I got my wisdom teeth removed. The dentist put me out for it, and I have only vague memories of waking up. Then, miraculously, I was in the car. Then, I was home.

When I woke up the first time, still in the chair, I looked at my mom. I grinned. I said, “I wanna do that again!” Apparently, the  nurses all laughed at me. Since then, I have thought — on more than one occasion — “Thank God I don’t do drugs. I’d really like them.”

Maybe not. Like I said, I’m vibrating right now. Make it stop!


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