Clearance at Jaclyn1423

28 Feb

As I creep closer and closer to having the 200th item in my shop, I find myself re-evaluating what is currently available.

Because frankly, I do NOT want 200 items in Jaclyn1423. I think anything more than 150 is kind of overwhelming.

So last week, I went through my shop, item by item, and made a number of considerations: How many hearts did an item  have? How long had it been in my shop? If I were to make it today, what would I do differently?

Based on my answers to those questions, I marked nearly 40 items in Jaclyn1423 on clearance. Yes, there’s an entire new section where EVERYTHING is 1/2 off.

This is me trying to clear a little space in the shop so I can happily post some brand spankin’ new goodies.

Included in the clearance section?

All Wordplay necklaces now $7.50. (Click on the image for the "brilliant" necklace and on the above link for all the Wordplay necklaces.)

All Library necklaces between $8 to $9. (Click on the image for the Jules Verne necklace and on the above link for all the Library necklaces.)

All glass bead and sterling necklace, only $11.

Two so far have sold (a pair of Swarovski pearl earrings and a rainbow beaded necklace with a fabulous and intricate silver-toned pendant). When you get a sec, go take a look.

Here’s to not breaking the bank!

Mondo thanks to Lauren over at The Elephant’s Trunk for blogging about my clearance section!


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