Attn: WordPress bloggers — Help me!

19 Feb

So I’ve been really behind things — I don’t have a way for readers to follow me on Google Friend Connect. I just kind of assumed it was only available for Blogspot bloggers.

Just out of curiosity, I did a Google search for how to install GFC on WordPress, and lo and behold: directions! It led me to the official Google how-to, and I was off!

Or so I thought.

I followed the directions perfectly, but every time I finished, in place of GFC just waiting for pretty mugs of pretty followers to pop up on my blog, I had the actual code, which was very long and very ugly.

I did this three times before realizing that whatever I was doing was wrong.

I’ve tweeted the WordPress people (who, by the way, are SPECTACULAR at helping people on Twitter), but I figure I may as well pose this to you, too: How the heck do I get GFC as a widget on my blog when the “official” how-to doesn’t work? What am I doing wrong?

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