Takin’ a look at item hearts

12 Feb

The good folks over at Craft Cult will break down an Etsy shop by the  number of hearts each item receives. I like that it will put everything together — it helps me see what kind of items in my shop get the most love.

Barring my rock/paper/scissors sets (my most popular listings by far), these are the Jaclyn1423 goodies that get the most love (six or more hearts):

Bronze and teal rose. Ribbon. Goldstone. -- Six hearts

Tick tock dollhouse clock necklace -- Six hearts (God, this photo is ugly. I really need to reshoot this.)

FREE SHIPPING Sweet sugar necklace -- Seven hearts

Tea party necklace. Dollhouse tea cup. Whimsy and adorable. -- Nine hearts

Necklace -- made-to-order custom bridesmaids' gifts EXAMPLE -- Nine hearts

Vintage metal butterfly on a vintage silver toned chain -- 11 hearts

Teeny blue sweetheart vintage necklace -- 12 hearts

Ummm … I don’t really see many overlap here. One is a vintage piece. Three are upcycled, two of which are from dollhouse goodies. The other three are from completely new materials.

Huh. That was much less useful than I thought it’d be! Do you see any other common threads among those items that I’m missing?


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