My favorite things

11 Feb

Just a selection of some of my recent favorites online.

Czech Glass Faceted Fire-Polished Rondelle - 8x6mm - Citrus Mint Picasso - 12 Beads by beadsnsupplies on Etsy

I want to make something awesome out of these beads. Maybe little cluster dangle earrings.

10 Notecard Set - Bunyan's Beard by pixielandpost on Etsy

I want to write you a letter on this dude’s beard. (This is the one of the four that is tempting me most, I must say.)

Facial Bar - All Natural Handcrafted Soap (for oily and acne prone skin) by belleterre on Etsy

I’ve had acne since second grade, and I’m always looking for new products to try. This intrigues me greatly.

Vintage Tablecloth Market Bag by Friendly Banter on Etsy

How clever to make a bag from a vintage tablecloth! This makes me want to go hunting in junk shops for old and cheap tablecloths I can rip up. I should give this a try. I predict a good use for my sewing machine and a wonderful way to stock up on Christmas gifts for next year.


One Response to “My favorite things”

  1. Ally February 11, 2011 at 6:06 pm #

    That bag is too cute!

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