Jaclyn1423 now offers rings!

11 Feb

One of my favorite things about shopping for supplies on Etsy is finding something I didn’t even know I wanted.

Like silver-plated adjustable filigree ring findings.

I purchased the set of four rings expecting to attach acrylic colored flower cabochons; this is a very popular thing to do on Etsy. They’re beautiful, economical, trendy and pretty. (See here, here and here.)

Well, my cabs still haven’t arrived, and my ring findings came REALLY quickly. When I got them, I wanted to play! I thought of the silver-toned frames and magnetic glass covers I used in my Wordplay necklaces and thought they might work for something a little different in my rings.

I pulled out some scrapbook pages with pretty shabby chic and whimsical designs, and I started to look for tiny images — ones so little, they could fit in a 1 inch-by-3/4 inch oval frame.

Those four ring findings turned into these:

Sparrows! Click on the image to visit the Etsy listing.

A little girl and her baby doll! Click on the image to visit the Etsy listing.

Pretty floral scene! Click on the image to visit the ring.

"Admit one" ticket stub ring. Click on the image to visit the Etsy listing.

After I made the rings, I wore one for a day to make sure a) the focal piece wouldn’t pop off (it didn’t) and b) the adjustable-ness of the ring didn’t pinch my finger. Worn on my ring finger, this was not an issue. Worn on my middle finger, however, it was a little bit more pinch’y. It would appear I have more chubby on the back of my middle finger than on the back of my ring finger (who knew?!).

I listed the four rings in two listings: the ticket ring and the little-girl-and-doll ring are under one, and the floral one and birdy one are under another.

I hope you like them. If they do well, I’ll definitely add more to the shop. So consider this a trail run!


One Response to “Jaclyn1423 now offers rings!”

  1. va February 14, 2011 at 6:51 am #

    Beautiful rings ! keep up the creative work .

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