Etsy love for Jaclyn1423!

30 Jan

It’s always heart-warming to sign into Etsy after a day or two away and check out the activity feed, which tells me what my circle (other Etsy shops I enjoy) has been up to and how others have been using goodies in my own shop.

Today, I signed in and found a few new item hearts and a few new treasuries. Look how pretty!

My Kind of Tea Party” featured my cute little upcycled dollhouse goodie-to-jewelry necklace.

Click on the above link to visit the treasury and on the photo to visit my necklace.

In “My Tiny Heart,” my tiny blue heart is featured among a collection that is soooo bright and colorful and beautifully designed.

Click on the above link to visit the treasury and on the image to visit my necklace.

Both of those necklaces are often featured in treasuries. It’s so nice to know that others get a kick out of my photos!

‘These two goodies got some lovin’, too. Chunky gold and upcycled layered necklace got a sweet little item heart (no. 5!) and Turquoise chip brassy bangle bracelets. Vintage. got TWO new hearts.

Click on the image to see more of the bracelets!

What a sweet way to end a fabulous weekend. One of my besties got into town Friday night, and she’s next to me looking through magazines while I play online. Lest you think I’m being a bad host, this is kind of how we do — we spent all day at the mall being girly, and now we’re kind of just basking in one another’s company. Isn’t that the greatest kind of friendship? We just realized we’re going on year No. 10 (TEN!) of friendship in 2011. You’ll see more of her shortly, as she let me use her lovely neck to take some necklace pics I plan to post tonight and early this week.

Happy Sunday!


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