What I wore: Date night

23 Jan

Last night, the beau and I went on a double date. (It was thrilling. I don’t have very many girl friends left who still live around here. I’m becoming better friends with the beau’s bestie’s wife. It makes me very, very happy.) I paired these goodies with a pair of jeans and a simple light v-neck black sweater:

Clockwise from top right:

  • Blackened silver-toned metal bracelet. I love this because it’s completely fitted. I have small wrists, so this is hard to do, but the bracelet doesn’t bounce around at all.
  • Silver mystic topaz ring. (Thank you, Vegas).
  • Giant dangley silver-toned earrings. I bought these after I donated my hair a few months back. I’m a major fan of having earrings that hang longer than your hair. These totally fit the bill after I got that chop.
  • Right-hand ring. (You’ll see a lot of this. I wear it A LOT.)

What jewelry do you have on right now? I’m plopped on my couch watching the Bears, so all I have on is a teeny little star in my ear. It hasn’t come out in weeks.


One Response to “What I wore: Date night”

  1. Ally January 23, 2011 at 5:25 pm #

    Ha! All I have on right now (watching football) is a teeny little diamond in one ear – it never comes out. Love those earrings you wore – great with a simple black sweater!

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