Quoted and noted: In which I vent about a pet peeve

13 Jan

“Comedy is simply a funny way of being serious.” ~ Peter Ustinov

A rewording of one of my favorite all-time quotes: “Many a truth are told in jest.”

I think these simple facts are why I’m not a huge fan of teasing, and why I get so annoyed with me when I find myself teasing someone.

More often than not, when  someone is “just joking” or “just being sarcastic,” he or she is actually “just telling you the truth.” It’s like people think they can disguise being a turd with humor when, in reality, they’re just being an unfunny turd.


  • Poking fun of someone because of his or her age, whether it’s “Oh, you’re older than me, haha!” or “Aw, but you’re just a baby!” One is rude; one is demeaning. What’s the point, if not to worry about getting old yourself, in the former, or worrying that you’re already old, in the latter? And don’t get me started about people who freak out about having another birthday. It’s better than the alternative, no?
  • Poking fun of someone because of his or her tastes. I have been made fun of for my taste in movies and music since high school. I don’t make apologies for it — why on earth should someone apologize for something she likes? — and I don’t understand the point. People have tastes, which are different. This is why drama AND comedy AND Jackass exists. This is why R&B AND classic rock AND spoken word slam poetry exists. I like George Michael AND Boyz II Men AND Bright Eyes. I like  Stephen King AND John Steinbeck AND “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” series. Leave me the frick alone!

I don't like Rihanna. I think her music is overrated, an opinion that was sealed when I heard "Umbrella" for the first time and legitimately thought the DJ's file was skipping. But why on earth would I care that you like her?

  • Poking fun of someone because of the food he or she likes. Never happened to me, thank God, because I’d consider throwing said food in the person’s judgmental little face. But a friend of mine has lamented this, and I don’t remotely understand it.

I am not currently undergoing any of the above-mentioned barrages. Honestly, I’d never write this if I were; I’d be too afraid of singling people out, and I don’t ever like to be that girl. So when it happens, I try to keep my mouth shut and simply roll my mental eyes.

What are you teased for? When people are “just joking!” are you ever genuinely laughing? Or am I the one who’s just being a turd?

One Response to “Quoted and noted: In which I vent about a pet peeve”

  1. underestimatedmom January 13, 2011 at 8:21 pm #

    The fact that I look to young to be a mother. It’s a daily event. I realize that I look twelve and no amount of makeup or clothes can fix it. I’m short and I have a baby face 😛

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